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Why Is Slewing Bearing Known As The Most Amazing Connection To The Instrument
Sep 08, 2017

Why is Slewing Bearing known as the most amazing connection to the instrument

Major industry professionals in the use of Slewing Bearing, the first sigh is its use of the effect, it is for this point that the rotation of the bearing field are very understanding, because the Slewing Bearing in large quantities put into use , First of all as the builder of our most attention to the rotation of the bearing maintenance matters, after all, these aspects are effective in determining the normal use of Slewing Bearing safety factors, double positive rotary bearing technical staff to remind you if we do not pay attention to it, Then it is bound to seriously affect the safety performance of each user.

1, the new product is not flexible idling. Please check the date of production of Slewing Bearing, if the time is longer (such as more than six months time), the climate is colder, it may be mixed with salt mist and other impurities in the raceway resulting in the operation is not working (cold areas, winter is more prominent). Exclusion method: after the force if the operation and no other abnormal can be used normally.

2, after installation is not flexible. May be installed for the host and the rotary bearing mounting surface with the poor, resulting in the installation of the axial clearance of the rotary bearing can not compensate for the deformation of the rotary bearing, slewing bearings in a negative gap state, the rolling body in the raceway difficult (sometimes accompanied by different Sound; or the size of the gear meshing bad; or the size of the gear inside the card with foreign body. Remedy: re-processing the host installation plane, so that the installation plane to meet the requirements; re-adjust the size of the gear meshing backlash, in particular, pay attention to the maximum position of the gear beating; check to ensure that the size of the gear meshing position without foreign matter; Bearing.

3, the use of the process is not flexible. Seal the damage, resulting in foreign body into the raceway (such as the use of poor conditions, the roller immersed in dust, etc.); check the size of the gear meshing, with or without foreign body teeth.

Slewing Bearing in the field to be sold, the first quality of this aspect of the check is important, so now the relevant professional professionals in the rotary bearing quality testing in this regard the details of the attention is also very Attention, and thus effectively ensure that the rotary bearing trouble-free operation of the security phenomenon.

Due to the manufacturing accuracy, the uniformity of the material, even the same material, the same size of the same batch of Slewing Bearing, in the same working conditions, the use of its length of life is not the same. If the statistical life of 1 unit, the longest relative life of 4 units, the shortest 0.1-0.2 units, the longest and the shortest life ratio of 20-40 times. 90% of the rotary bearing does not produce pitting, the number of revolutions or hours experienced by the rotary bearing rated life.

Slewing Bearing in the machinery industry are known as "machine joints", is the relative rotation between the two objects, can withstand axial force, radial force, tipping moment of the necessary mechanical transmission of the original.

Rotary bearing track and gear heat treatment:

Rotary bearing raceway through the surface induction quenching, and quenching hardness to ensure that HRC55 ~ 62, to achieve sufficient depth of hardened layer.

Due to the need for transmission, Slewing Bearing are usually made of one of the rings. The heat treatment state of the gear is generally normal or quenched and tempered state. Tooth surface can also be quenched in accordance with the requirements of the user, quenching hardness HRC50 ~ 60, and can guarantee sufficient depth. According to the different applications, gear quenching can be divided into full-tooth quenching and single-tooth induction hardening. Single tooth induction hardening can be divided into tooth surface tooth root quenching and tooth surface quenching.

Slewing Bearing to adapt to temperature and working environment:

Slewing Bearing can work in -300C ~ +700C, the user needs to adapt to lower or higher temperature Slewing Bearing, our company can carry out special design. Slewing Bearing are used in particularly harsh environments such as maritime climates, dust or abrasive particles, dust, cement, pulverized coal and so on. Special seals, protective devices, and suitable oil trails must be used. So in order to make your bearing a normal role, want to do routine maintenance and maintenance work.