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UIPI Slewing Bearing Catalog
What Is A Slewing Bearing?
Jul 13, 2017

A slewing bearing is a piece of hardware used to facilitate circular movement, usually of a large device such as a crane. The term "slew" means to turn without changing location, so a slewing bearing is one that will not move out of place but will instead facilitate movement while in one position. These bearings are usually quite large and are used for heavy-duty applications; they are therefore usually made from heavy-duty metals such as steel, though other materials including aluminum and titanium can be used for their construction as well.

The slewing bearing is not mounted on a shaft, but is instead bolted to a flat surface. The gears allow one part of the bearing to move while the other stays in place, thereby facilitating movement. The path of the movement can vary; sometimes the slewing bearing is used to facilitate round movement, while in other cases an oscillating movement can be performed. The type of movement depends on the configuration of the slewing bearing as well as the location of the gears. The gears allow a platform to be driven in a certain motion, and the location of the gears will depend on the design of the device.

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