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What Are The Differences Between Domestic And Overseas Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing?
Sep 19, 2017

What are the differences between domestic and overseas Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing?
Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing is popular in China and abroad, especially Germany, France, the United States, Britain and other countries is Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing production of major countries, and China Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing is the early 20th century, introduced in the early 80s German technology, and combined with the domestic technology to form the latest Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing technology. But in product quality and level compared with foreign countries, there is still a big gap. The following from four aspects of domestic and foreign Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing contrast.
1, design technology
Foreign countries only need to work conditions, installation size requirements, speed and other data input to the computer, CAD program automatically complete the product structure design, carrying capacity calculation, while the output of various graphics and curves, and the use of finite element analysis, Single Row Ball Slewing bearing Load Simulation Analysis. Foreign companies new varieties of products after another, less that there are more than a dozen, and the domestic only less than 10 categories, so there are many special requirements each year Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing need to import from abroad.
2, process technology
Overseas single Row Ball Slewing Bearing manufacturers have been widely used CNC machine tools for processing, and its advantage is greatly simplified the process, reduce the workpiece clamping frequency, to avoid processing and measurement errors, greatly shorten the production cycle to ensure that the internal and external assembly Rate, while improving the product quality pass rate. Due to the use of CNC machine tools, it provides the conditions for the realization of non-drawing operation in the field. The computer system networking is realized from product contract to field design of product design (CAD), process design (CAPP) and CNC machine. The whole operation process is very efficient. Another foreign manufacturers in the heat treatment, roller processing and other processes have a lot of unique.
3, test technology
Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing design inspiration from a large number of long-term trials and practice, so the experimental equipment and means by the universal attention. In this regard, there is a lack of deep research and implementation, should gradually improve the life test, temperature test, bolt strength test, gear strength test equipment.
4, quality control
Domestic production plants and the international level there is still a big gap between foreign production workshop almost no full-time inspectors, but a variety of test data accurate and reliable, very timely transmission. Many advanced detection equipment we do not have, such as non-destructive testing flaw detection, coordinate measurement, so the domestic quality control level is low.
Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing is generally referred to as the machine connecting parts, for the mechanical is essential to drive the link, Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing macro called the support, support parts often as a basic tool for CNC machine tools, including the column Rocker, turret and bed, as well as beams and lifts and other components.
There is a support in the support is called auxiliary support, Auxiliary support to improve the rigidity of the workpiece, of course, played a role in limiting the degree of freedom. In fact, the two meanings play the same role: that is, with the processing to achieve and improve the processing accuracy and efficiency, corresponding to Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing different installation methods, in the application of constraints, the inner ring can be applied All constraints can also apply a full constraint to the outer surface of the outer ring.
The Mises stress of the elliptical raceway is smaller than that of the circular raceway, that is, the load capacity of the single row Ball Slewing Bearing is better than that of the single row Ball Slewing Bearing. Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing. The The size of these components are relatively large, so many times also known as large, Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing bearings can withstand the comprehensive load of large bearing bearings, which can withstand greater axial load, radial load and tilt Turn moment. In order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment, large bearings because it is closed structure, so only a large weight of the top of the structure to a height to see the true bearing bearing role.