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The Most Important Thing Is The Quality Inspection Slewing Bearing
Jul 17, 2017

The most important thing is the quality inspection Slewing Bearing

Slewing Bearing are mainly used for connectors, and there are many domestic rotary support manufacturers, mainly for large machinery, such as tower machines, excavators, concrete machines, etc. So in order to ensure its quality, timely quality testing is very important. Generally, the inspection should be conducted before entering the warehouse. The specific tests are as follows:

Slewing Bearing

Slewing Bearing quality inspection according to different detection methods, can be divided into radial clearance and axial clearance, the radial clearance is bearing inner and outer ring and equipping basis, roller is in accordance with national standards for quality inspection of important projects. From the perspective of bearing application, the clearance is an important indicator of detection, and the bearing can obtain more satisfactory performance, which largely determines its radial clearance.

Slewing Bearing surface under high frequency quenching hardness cannot under 55 HRC, hardening layer depth can not be less than 4 mm, soft belt width is not less than 50 mm, according to customer demand in the whole process. It is necessary to quench the tempering time and temperature of the turning bearing, and it is necessary to quench the temperature of 200 degrees in the general case, so that the stress can be eliminated.

In addition, the most important thing is the grinding process. It is necessary to select the appropriate grinding wheel to complete the grinding, and the linear speed is strictly controlled so as to avoid the appearance of the burn. And then to carry on the fine grinding, need to choose the granularity of 46 ° and 60 ° resin emery wheel grinding, grinding amount cannot exceed the coarse grinding, finish to conform to the requirements of the specified level. For the rotary bearing containing gear, the milling process is required after grinding, the whole process is strict and the precision is more than eight.

Slewing Bearing is a kind of compact structure, easy installation, easy maintenance of large bearings, usually on large cranes, excavators and other large equipment applied to more, but, in many cases, is inevitably Slewing Bearing as well as for the change of external environment, appear all sorts of damage, today small make up some of the reasons for Slewing Bearing common damage to carry on the simple analysis, do not know friends can learn under.

Reasons 1. The surface metal peeling of the roller bearing raceway;

When the bearing is under the load, it is likely that fatigue will increase. Of course, the improper installation of Slewing Bearing and the bending of the shaft will also cause the spalling. The fatigue of the roller bearings reduces the operating accuracy of the shaft, causing the vibration and noise of the mechanism.

The reason for the failure of the rotating bearings is that the lubrication is insufficient, the rolling body is broken, and the seat ring is crooked.

The reason is that the metal adhesion of the rotating bearing is attached to the rolling body: the possible reason is that the rolling body is stuck in the cage or the lubrication is insufficient.

Cause 4. Serious wear of the seat ring: it may be a foreign body in the seat ring, insufficient lubricating oil or lubricating oil number.

Slewing Bearing, in general, there are more than several common injury reasons, if everyone in the Slewing Bearing use if similar case, believe that through the accurate analysis of the reason, will be able to find solutions as soon as possible, minimize the loss.