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The Most Important Thing Is The Quality Inspection Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing
Jul 06, 2017

The most important thing is the quality inspection Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing

Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing is mainly used for connectors, and there are many domestic rotary support manufacturers, mainly for large machinery, such as tower machines, excavators, concrete machines, etc. So in order to ensure its quality, timely quality testing is very important. Generally, the inspection should be conducted before entering the warehouse. The specific tests are as follows:

Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing

According to the method of detecting single row ball slewing bearing quality is different, can be divided into radial clearance and axial clearance, the radial clearance is bearing inner and outer ring and equipping basis, roller is in accordance with national standards for quality inspection of important projects. From the perspective of bearing application, the clearance is an important indicator of detection, and the bearing can obtain more satisfactory performance, which largely determines its radial clearance.

Single row ball slewing bearing surface under high frequency quenching hardness cannot under 55 HRC, hardening layer depth can not be less than 4 mm, soft belt width should be no less than 50 mm, according to customer demand in the whole process. The quenching time and temperature of Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing are required to quench the fire time and temperature. In general, it is necessary to quench the temperature of 200 degrees so that the stress can be eliminated.

In addition, the most important thing is the grinding process. It is necessary to select the appropriate grinding wheel to complete the grinding, and the linear speed is strictly controlled so as to avoid the appearance of the burn. And then to carry on the fine grinding, need to choose the granularity of 46 ° and 60 ° resin emery wheel grinding, grinding amount cannot exceed the coarse grinding, finish to conform to the requirements of the specified level. For a single row ball bearing with gears, the milling process needs to be rolled out after grinding, the whole process is strict and the precision is more than eight.

First single row ball slewing bearing size selection is very important, need to use the comparative measurement method for the bearing size measurement, requiring for the assembly size, the size of the need to use block gauge and standard parts for comparison measurement benchmark. The selected pieces must conform to the standards, the standard parts must conform to the relevant regulations, and the groove detection needs to be designed for a special groove model.

The measurement temperature of the bearing dimensions also shows that the measuring environment should be 20 degrees, and the temperature of the bearings, measuring blocks, measuring instruments and standard parts should be the same. If placed on the same metal plate, the corresponding temperature balance can be achieved in a short time. If the measures are not properly taken, it will take longer to maintain the temperature balance.

The measurement load is also required, and the necessary measurement load is required to allow the rolling sports ring to be in normal contact position so that more accurate measurements can be obtained. In the process of bearing entrapment, the grinding of the inner diameter and the outer diameter shall be carried out, and the grinding of the inner raceway is similar to the rough ground raceway. In addition, the surface of the bearing assembly surface and the matching parts should be cleaned in a timely manner if there is a collision or grinding debris.