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Slewing Bearing Track And Gear Heat Treatment
Aug 29, 2017

Slewing Bearing track and gear heat treatment
For mechanical products, the Slewing Bearing is an indispensable part, but sometimes we will find it will be inflexible, if not flexible, then the use of the time there will be a lot of trouble, and there is no way very good Work, today for everyone to share the rotation bearing stuck or movement is not flexible reasons and solutions.
1, Slewing Bearing gear deformation or broken teeth caused by stuck or movement is not flexible. The corresponding solution: repair gear, re-welding gear.
2, Slewing Bearing sealing system there is a problem, this will cause the entry of debris, such as stones, sand, etc. caused by stuck or movement is not sensitive. The corresponding solution: all the debris clean up.
3, overload operation, resulting in Slewing Bearing movement is not flexible. The corresponding solution: the need to reduce the workload of the work.
4, Slewing Bearing position is not flat. The corresponding solution: the need to replace the platform position, work in a flat position.
5, Slewing Bearing appear lack of lubricating oil, grease caused by increased friction, resistance becomes larger, it will cause the movement is not sensitive. The corresponding solution: add the same specifications of the lubricating oil or all the replacement of lubricants.
Know the Slewing Bearing appears inflexible reasons and solutions, the future encounter this situation, we do not need to worry about. For the user in addition to the need to know this knowledge, but also need to understand the use of Slewing Bearing precautions and related maintenance methods.
Slewing Bearing in the machinery industry are known as "machine joints", is the relative rotation between the two objects, can withstand axial force, radial force, tipping moment of the necessary mechanical transmission of the original.
Slewing Bearing track and gear heat treatment:
Slewing Bearing raceway through the surface induction quenching treatment, and quenching hardness to ensure that HRC55 ~ 62, to achieve sufficient depth of hardened layer.
Due to the need for transmission, Slewing Bearing are usually made of one of the rings. The heat treatment state of the gear is generally normal or quenched and tempered state. Tooth surface can also be quenched in accordance with the requirements of the user, quenching hardness in HRC50 ~ 60, and can guarantee sufficient depth. According to the different applications, gear quenching can be divided into full-tooth quenching and single-tooth induction hardening. Single tooth induction hardening can be divided into tooth surface tooth root quenching and tooth surface quenching.
Slewing Bearing to adapt to temperature and working environment:
Slewing Bearing can work in -300C ~ +700C, the user needs to adapt to lower or higher temperature Slewing Bearing, our company can carry out special design. Slewing Bearing are used in particularly harsh environments such as maritime climates, dust or abrasive particles, dust, cement, pulverized coal and so on. Special seals, protective devices, and suitable oil trails must be used. So in order to make your support can work properly, want to do routine maintenance and maintenance work.
Slewing Bearing can be used in different industries, but in all cases will lead to damage to the Slewing Bearing, and found in the Slewing Bearing damage, but do not know where the damage, only a comprehensive anatomy to find the damage point. The following Xiaobian will introduce the method of disassembly of Slewing Bearing.
In the disassembly of the Slewing Bearing, the outer ring of the Slewing Bearing is connected with the vehicle, the inner ring is connected with the vehicle, and the seal on the Slewing Bearing is clean and clean, and the equipment is separated by a crane, The screw on the bearing, the bolt is removed. In the steel ball and isolation sleeve all removed, the steel ball and isolation sleeve to check, if the isolation sleeve on the crack or damage to the timely replacement, and check the ball is clean the ball, and placed in the sun Watch, you can clearly see whether the ball on the pitting or pits.