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Slewing Bearing The Standard Specification And Structural Advantages Where
Nov 01, 2017

Standard Specification and Structural Advantages of Slewing Bearings
Speaking of Slewing Bearings, we should be no stranger, it is our production activities commonly used in one of the equipment, and Slewing Bearing models varied. We need to choose according to their own needs the right Slewing Bearings, its standard specification is what is it? There are structural advantages of Slewing Bearings? Presumably we are very curious, together to understand the next!
Standard Specification and Structural Advantages of Slewing Bearings
The Slewing Bearing is a reference plane that distinguishes another collar and allows the marking of the process on the non-reference surface of the ferrule. For split type Slewing Bearings, it must be marked on the end of each ferrule, but also on the end face of one of the rings, at a distance of 180 degrees marked with the code and manufacturer code (or trademark). Slewing Bearing several models of the use of the same ring, the ring can be on the end, marked with the code, or use chemical method to fill. The logo font shall comply with the requirements of the manufacturer's product design department. Word height can be in accordance with the provisions of the product drawings, the same parts can be used in different sizes of the font, the height should be used as far as possible adjacent to the two specifications. Slewing Bearing signs must be complete, complete; writing must be end, clear; lines should be uniform thickness.
The three-row roller type rotary support comprises an upper ring and a lower ring, the upper ring is connected with the lower ring through the bolt to form the outer ring structure, the gear ring is located in the outer ring structure, the gear side is provided with a boss, Between the upper side of the raceway and the outer ring structure between the radial raceway, the upper edge of the upper ring and the outer ring, The upper end of the gear ring is connected with a double seal ring, and the lower end of the gear ring is connected with a lower sealing tape. Three rows of roller-type slewing bearing the rolling bearing capacity of a clear division of the upper and lower row of roller bearing 90, give full play to the bearing roller bearing performance, and therefore have a larger axial force, radial force and overturning moment bearing capacity , To meet the engineering machinery, especially the crane, ladle turntable, etc. on the rotation support 360 requirements.
Slewing Bearing common identification method:
First, the packaging is clear: Under normal circumstances, the factory brand has its own design and design of external packaging design, and arrange the production conditions of the factory to produce production, so the packaging from the line to the color block are very clear, Unambiguous, part of the imported brand of accessories on the package there are specifically designed to protect their own unique intellectual property design.
Second, whether there is a noise: left hand holding the Slewing Bearing body sets, right hand toss the jacket to rotate, listen to whether there is a noise. As most of the counterfeit products production conditions behind, completely hand-workshop operation, in the production process will inevitably be mixed with a class of impurities in the sand, hidden in the Slewing Bearing body, so when the rotation will be issued a noise. This is the biggest difference between the strict implementation of the production standards and the operation of the machine.
Third, the chamfer is uniform: the so-called Slewing Bearing chamfer, that is, the intersection of the horizontal and vertical, counterfeit Slewing Bearings due to the limitations of production technology, in these corner corners of the disposal of unsatisfactory.
Fourth, steel printing is clear: in the Slewing Bearing body will be printed on the brand name, label and so on. Most of the products produced by the factory are made of stencil technology, and are pressed before they have not been heat treated. Therefore, the font is small, but it is very deep and very clear. The counterfeit product font is not only blurred, because the printing technology is rough, the font floating on the surface, and some even easily can be wiped out by hand.