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Slewing Bearing Temperature And Working Environment
Oct 19, 2017

Slewing Bearing temperature and working environment
In the machinery industry, the Slewing Bearing is called "the joint of the machine", which is the important transmission part necessary for the machine. The Slewing Bearing can bear the bearing force of the axial force, the radial force and the tilting moment, and the relative rotation between the objects The
Slewing Bearings to adapt to temperature and working environment:
Slewing Bearings can work in -300C ~ +700C, the user needs to adapt to lower or higher temperature Slewing Bearings, our company can carry out special design. Slewing Bearings are used in particularly harsh environments such as maritime climates, dust or abrasive particles, dust, cement, pulverized coal and so on. Special seals, protective devices, and suitable oil trails must be used. So in order to make your bearing a normal role, want to do routine maintenance and maintenance work.
Slewing Bearing use parts: tapered roller Slewing Bearings are suitable for radial and axial load-based radial and axial joint load, usually with two sets of Slewing Bearings with the use, mainly in the car before and after the hub, the active bevel gear , Differential, reducer and other transmission parts. Slewing Bearing allowable speed: in the Slewing Bearing installed correctly, lubricated in a good environment, allowing the Slewing Bearing limit speed of 0.3-0.5 times. Under normal circumstances, to 0.2 times the limit speed is the most appropriate. Slewing Bearing allowable tilt angle: tapered roller Slewing Bearings generally do not allow the shaft relative to the housing hole tilt, if tilted, the maximum does not exceed 2 '. Allowable temperature of Slewing Bearings: Under normal conditions of normal load, and the lubricant has high temperature resistance and lubricated adequately, the general Slewing Bearing is allowed to operate at an ambient temperature of -30 ° C to 150 ° C.
Single row four point contact ball slewing ring consists of two seat ring, compact structure, light weight, steel ring and circular roller four point contact, can bear radial force, axial force and overturning moment. Rotary conveyor, welding operation machine, small and medium-sized cranes and excavators and other construction machinery can be used.
Double row of different diameter ball slewing ring with three seat ring, steel ball and isolation layer can be directly discharged to the upper and lower raceway, according to the situation of the arrangement of the upper and lower rows of different diameter of the ball. This type of assembly is very simple, the upper and lower arc raceway bearing angle are 90 °, can withstand greater axial force and overturning moment. Double row ball Slewing Bearing axial, radial size are relatively large, compact structure, especially for more than middle of the tower cranes, truck cranes and other loading and unloading machinery.
The three-row roller type Slewing Bearing has three seats, the upper and lower radial and radial raceways are separated so that the load of each row of balls can be determined exactly and can bear various loads at the same time. The most powerful, especially for large diameter heavy machinery, such as bucket wheel excavator, wheeled cranes, marine cranes and other machinery.
Single row cross roller roller bearing composed of two seat ring, compact structure, light weight, assembly gap is small, the installation of high precision, roller 1: 1 cross-arrangement, can withstand axial force, overturning moment and The larger radial force is widely used for lifting transport, engineering machinery and military products.
Second, we buy Slewing Bearings, pay attention to the toughness of this product, because this part is very thin, so many parts are looking good, but in the machine which will not be used for a long time reimbursement, and we first When you choose, in fact, you can buy a few more brands, in practical practice.
Second, the purchase of Slewing Bearings, the product should pay attention to the overall toughness, because the workpiece is very small thickness, toughness, although the installation looks good but after a period of time will generally be reimbursed, so when the purchase must be careful Choose, some small differences may affect the operation of the entire machine.