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Slewing Bearing Manufacturers How To Develop
Jun 13, 2017

Slewing Bearing manufacturers how to develop
With the development of China's real estate industry, swing lever is currently the most common building materials market,

balcony swing lever, staircase swing lever, air-conditioning swing lever is the largest demand, the following Slewing Bearing

manufacturers to introduce you to the swing lever in the daily Storage and use of the need to pay attention to matters:

1, swing lever storage point if only the general outdoor air humidity, as long as the quality is not poor swing lever

facilities rust is no problem, but if fog weather, southerly, should be timely use of dry cotton to remove the swing lever On

the water, if the rain, to dry in the rain after the rain on the Slewing Bearing, do a good job of zinc steel swing lever moisture

-proof work.

2, swing lever In order to avoid metal rust, can be regularly dipped in cotton with a small amount of anti-rust oil or sewing

machine oil wipe the surface of the local, adhere to the iron railings bright as new. If you find the railing has been

beginning to have rust, you should use cotton yarn dipped in oil as soon as possible at the rust, so you can remove the rust,

do not directly with sandpaper and other rough surface information to stop grinding, this will destroy the rocking rod

surface rust Layer, resulting in a large area of corrosion.

3, most of the swing lever are used in the outdoors, outdoor dust flying, accumulated over the accumulation of zinc steel

swing pole floating dust will be a direct impact on the Slewing Bearing gloss and aesthetics, due to long-term erosion of the sand

will directly lead to swing Surface protective film damage, so to regularly wipe the outdoor zinc steel swing lever

facilities, generally wipe with a soft cotton fabric as well. Some small swing lever manufacturers because of cost savings,

galvanized thickness of less than the standard, so it is easy to wear protective layer so rust wings pole harm safety.

4, should not use sharp objects scratching the balcony Slewing Bearing surface coating, in general, the coating is to prevent the

rocking rod rust corrosion, if there is a need to remove a part of the Slewing Bearing, be sure to remember to install the

remaining fixed Part, to prevent children from climbing on the balcony play, etc., can effectively prevent the occurrence of

falls, improve the safety factor of the balcony.

Slewing Bearing manufacturers Tips: Slewing Bearing is the need for long-term direct exposure to the sun and wind and rain, so you need

to introduce these considerations, hope to help you