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Slewing Bearing Industry Is Developing Well
Jun 21, 2017

Slewing Bearing industry is developing well
Slewing Bearing industry market demand prospects are better, in 2010, the demand for construction machinery industry is 208,000 sets; 2007-2009, the total demand for wind turbine slewing bearings reached 48,500 sets; mechanical maintenance market need to rotate each year bearing 39,600 sets -4.32 Million sets.

At present, the basic competitive pattern of the domestic market of Slewing Bearing industry is that the two types of enterprises are in the competitive advantage. First, it is a joint venture with foreign well-known enterprises and a wholly foreign-owned enterprise. The product technology and production equipment are more advanced and competitive. Strong, mainly for foreign or foreign enterprises supporting enterprises in the Slewing Bearings of the new industry supporting the application of certain advantages; Second, in the domestic production and operation for a long time, with a certain scale of domestic enterprises, increased production capacity faster, Brand credibility is higher, the advantages of competition in the more obvious, and began to get involved in the new field of application of Slewing Bearing industry. Other small and technically weak enterprises, their production capacity is small, in the competition in a passive position.

In order to expand the share of the high-end market, China's capital and technical strength of the more solid Slewing Bearing enterprises are constantly increasing investment in R & D, such as the development of more stringent than the industry standard internal standards to ensure that the slewing bearing geometric accuracy To further improve; increase the depth of hardened layer to improve the life of Slewing Bearings; to strengthen the research and development of anti-corrosion materials to promote the application of Slewing Bearings to expand the scope of the development of some test equipment, the use of computer simulation technology for rotating bearing capacity Of the effective verification of the product structure size to optimize the design; at the same time these companies have begun to attach importance to the basic technology of Slewing Bearings and related technology research and application.

At present, China's Slewing Bearing products are mainly supporting the construction machinery industry, in the field of wind power and other new applications show rapid development momentum. China's construction machinery industry from the calendar year's operating conditions, the characteristics of cyclical fluctuations are more obvious, thus affecting the Slewing Bearing market supply and demand situation. At present, the market demand for Slewing Bearings increased significantly, Slewing Bearing industry has developed rapidly.