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Slewing Bearing Damage To How To Do, How To Avoid Injury Problems
Oct 10, 2017

Slewing Bearings, also known as slewing bearings, can withstand greater radial force and axial force, better play the role of support. A Slewing Bearing normal use can be used until the fatigue life. If there is an accident will be premature damage, reduce its life. So, how to do damage to the Slewing Bearing, how to avoid damage to the problem?
Slewing Bearing prematurely damaged, relative to fatigue life, is known as the failure or accident quality limit. More due to the installation, use, lubrication on the attention, from the external invasion of foreign body, for the shaft, the shell of the thermal impact of the study is not enough and so on.
If the Slewing Bearing damage is difficult to get the real cause of damage, therefore, in the use of Slewing Bearings, be sure to carefully and carefully use, lubricants according to the product model to be selected, so that the effective surface bearing damage.
Slewing Bearing damage state: roller bearing rings, ribs of the card injury, as a reason can be considered, lack of lubricant, not suitable for the drainage structure defects, foreign body intrusion, bearing installation error, shaft deflection Too large, there will be these reasons coincide.
Speaking of Slewing Bearings, presumably we all know very well. The current type of slewing bearing on the market, a wide variety of types, different types of Slewing Bearings have different models. Today, we look at the next rotation of the configuration of the bearing, hope that through the introduction of Xiaobian, the future in the purchase of Slewing Bearings to help. The following is to look at the Slewing Bearing configuration.
Slewing Bearing configuration Slewing Bearing common configuration:
1, aligning roller bearings Early slewing bearings in the rolling mill on the configuration type and now different, when the main use of two sets of aligning roller bearings mounted side by side on the same roll neck. This configuration basically meet the current production conditions, rolling speed of up to 600rpm. But with the speed of the increase, its shortcomings more prominent: bearing life is short, roll axial movement and so on.
2, four row cylindrical roller bearings + thrust bearings Cylindrical roller bearings with the roller neck with a tight fit, to withstand radial force, with a large load capacity, high speed limit, the inner and outer ring can be separated and can be interchangeable, easy processing, Low cost of production, easy installation and removal of the advantages of thrust thrust bearing axial force, the specific structure can be selected according to the characteristics of the mill to choose the appropriate bearing.
This article mainly on the Slewing Bearing configuration of the two forms of introduction, we through the introduction, this should have a corresponding understanding, if you would like to know more about the Slewing Bearing knowledge, we can focus on we, we will continue to provide the corresponding Slewing Bearings know how.
In the use of Slewing Bearings, often there will be a high rotational bearing temperature phenomenon, if such a situation, how do we solve and change? Xiaobian below to introduce several solutions for everyone.
Slewing Bearing temperature is too high solution:
1, check the cooling water pressure, water flow and piping system is normal. If the water pressure may be blocked filter, can not be dealt with in time, can be shut down, when confirmed to work, and then put into use.
2, should check the governor of the oil pressure, if the oil pressure may cause the cooling water hydraulic valve closed.
3, check the oil level is normal, if not normal, check the oil tank drain valve is tight. If it has been closed, should fill the oil, if it is sealed gasket oily, should be shut down.
4, check TIMKEN bearings are abnormal sound, and check whether the abnormal bearing TIMKEN bearings.
5, take oil samples to observe whether there is a change in oil color, and test to see if the deterioration. If you confirm the deterioration, you should shut down to replace the new oil.
These methods are to solve the problem of high temperature Slewing Bearing, we hope to help.