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Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing For Rust Treatment
Oct 19, 2017

Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing for rust treatment
When the anti-rust treatment of single-row ball slewing bearings is carried out, the surface should be cleaned thoroughly and the cleaning method should be selected according to the nature of the surface of the rust-proof body and the appropriate conditions at that time. In general, the cleaning is divided into solvent cleaning method, chemical treatment cleaning method and mechanical cleaning method.
After cleaning, you can use the filter dry compressed air to dry, or use 120 degrees to 170 degrees dryer dry, you can also use a clean gauze to dry.
The last must be a Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing coated with a layer of effective anti-rust oil, can be some of the smaller Single Row Ball Slewing Bearings can be soaked in the way, the surface adhesion of a layer of anti-rust grease, through the anti-rust grease Temperature and viscosity to achieve the purpose. Brush method and spray method for some of the larger Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing type, but should pay attention to brush when the accumulation should not occur to prevent leakage coating. Spray method must be used when the perfect fire and labor protection measures.
So why the hands of perspiration will cause metal corrosion it? Human sweat is a colorless transparent or slightly yellow and with a certain salty weak acid liquid, the PH value of 5 to 6. In addition to containing sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, but also contains a small amount of urea, lactic acid, citric acid and other organic acids. When the sweat and metal contact, the metal surface will form a layer of sweat film, which will cause chemical reactions of metal, and single row of ball bearing metal corrosion.
With the continuous progress of China's science and technology, China's production capacity is also in the gradual reform, many companies have realized the mechanized automatic production, instead of artificial production, reducing labor productivity costs, and improve production efficiency. To achieve mechanized production, it is necessary to use Single Row Ball Slewing Bearings, only Single Row Ball Slewing Bearings to meet people's production requirements, so single ball slewing bearings and our life closely linked. Then the Single Row Ball Slewing Bearings in the wind turbine to how to use it?
First of all, enterprises should be selected according to their own production needs, we know that the market above the single-pole ball slewing bearing model is not a single, so the enterprise in making the choice of choice, we must ask the special staff to help select, in the choice Of our professional staff should pay attention to the use of single-pole ball bearing conditions, the use of the maximum capacity and other factors, combined with Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing selection, if you do not meet the requirements of the enterprise single ball slewing bearings, will give enterprises Of the unnecessary loss, so in the choice of single ball slewing bearings when the need to be careful.
Now China's wind power technology is maturing, and the cost of using wind power is also very low, it can be said that wind power has a broad development prospects. In the wind power equipment above the use of single-ball rotary bearings to solve the bottleneck of traditional measurement tools, but also greatly improve the efficiency of the inspectors. And Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing in the wind turbine above the use, but also to achieve water, dust, put aging, etc., for the extension of wind turbine life has played a positive role. The use of single ball slewing bearings extends the life of wind turbines, while also improving the wear resistance of wind turbines. If you need a Single Row Ball Slewing Bearings, you can contact double positive single ball slewing bearings, or you are for a single ball slewing bearing what you want to communicate with our staff can also communicate. We will be for your business to help you choose the status quo for the enterprise single ball slewing bearings.
The use of Single Row Ball Slewing Bearings on generators makes the development of our motor industry a step closer, extending the life of generators, and bringing more benefits to the power generation industry, low cost and reduced labor productivity. People work to produce time for people to bring convenience.