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UIPI Slewing Bearing Catalog
OD 434mm Slewing Bearing Applied For Sewer Cleaner
Jul 11, 2017
Slewing Bearing for Combination Sewer Cleaner
Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing with External Gear
UIPI Part No.: EGSBM 434 265 50

Slewing Bearing Specification
Outer diameter:433.86 mm (17.08")
Inner diameter: 265 mm (10.43")
Height: 50 mm (1.97”)
Axial play: 0.13 mm~0.23 mm
Radial play: 0.13 mm~0.23 mm
Core hardness: >250HB
Material: 42CrMo 
OD 434mm slewing bearing for sewer cleaner.jpg
Gear Data
DP: 5/7
Number of teeth: 84
Addendum: 3.63 mm (0.14")
Dedendum: 4.54 mm (0.18")
Pitch diameter: 426.72 mm (16.8")
OD 434mm slewing bearing for combination sewer cleaner.jpg
Slewing beairng applied for combination sewer cleaner
Slew bearing applied for sewer cleaner
Sewer cleaner parts
Combination Sewer Cleaner1.jpg