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UIPI Slewing Bearing Catalog
OD 1652 Mm Slewing Bearing Applied For Screw Conveyor System Of TBM
Jun 02, 2017

Slewing Bearing for Screw Conveyor System of TBM

Slewing Bearing with External Hardened Gear

UIPI Part Number: EGSCRM 1652 1308 114

Slewing Bearing Specification:

Outer diameter: 1652.04mm (65.04”)

Inner diameter: 1308.1 mm (51.5")

Height: 114.3 mm (4.5”)

Axial play: 0.00 mm~0.06 mm

Radial play: 0.00 mm~0.06 mm

Core hardness: 250-300 HB

Material: 42CrMo 


Gear Data:

Module/DP: 16.933/1.5

Number of teeth: 96

Addendum: 13.55 mm (0.533")

Dedendum: 20.32 mm (0.8")

Pitch diameter: 1625.6 mm (64")

Gear hardness: ≥55 HRC



Slewing Bearing applied for Screw Conveyor

Slewing Bearing applied for Tunnel Engineering

Slewing Bearing applied for TBM

TBM Slewing Bearing

Screw Conveyor of TBM