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It Is Noted That The Operation Details Of Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing Can Extend Its Service Life
Jul 06, 2017

It is noted that the operation details of Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing can extend its service life

How discriminant for the stand or fall of an item, everyone knows, most look small and items, the details of the attention to the Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing operation details can prolong its service life, the following is a detailed introduction on the issue, let's take a look at.

It is noted that the operation details of Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing can extend its service life

First of all, the outer packing is clear: usually, the packaging of the factory brand from line to color is very clear, not vague at all.

Second, open the package and see if the double row ball bearing surface is cloudy, which should be noted when buying imported double-row ball rotary bearing. Because domestic antirust technology is not very mature, so the antirust processing was carried out on the Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing body is easy to leave some oil stains, in your hands are sticky, but on the Double Row Ball Slewing Bearings imported from abroad can smell a rust-proof asked, but rust-proof oil is almost invisible.

Then, seal character is clear: is there a brand, such as words and label printing on Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing body, the font is very small, but is factory produced most of them are using the steel seal technology, and also without heat treatment is conducted before words, so although the font is small, concave deeper, however, is quite clear. The typeface of counterfeit product is not only very fuzzy, the printing technique is also very rough, the word body floats on the surface, some can be wiped away easily with hands.

Again, chamfering is uniform: Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing chamfer, also is the place on the surface of the horizontal plane and vertical handover, fake Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing because of the limitation of production technology, the bottom of the part is always processing is not satisfactory.

In the end, there was a noise: the left hand held the inner sleeve of the double-row ball bearing body, and the right hand moved the jacket of the two-row ball bearing body to make it rotate to hear if there was a noise. Most of the counterfeit products have poor production conditions, completely is manual mill operation, will be mixed into the sand in the middle of the production process of some impurities, Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing hidden in the body, miscellaneous occurs on rotating ring.

I. methods for controlling the sound of dust:

Reverse branch there are dust and other foreign bodies, there will be no periodic vibration, dust ring, dust ring the size of the vibration and noise, and sometimes there are sometimes not.

Dust control sound this way: for the Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing/wheel bearing improving measures for the cleaning of the bearing before installation, hole, shaft and some matching parts strictly all washed clean; The sealing of the bearing is improved by removing the foreign material in the lubricant. Prevent the use of materials that are not pure or have some foreign material in the plastic.

Ii. Methods to control the sound of scars:

Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing rolling appearance if appeared crack, indentation, or rust, it will appear like rivet periodic noise and vibration, and its cycle is likely to become a certain fixed no change but most and rotational speed of the corresponding relationship, scars would occur on the channel of continuous, scars on the steel ball can sometimes appear sometimes don't appear, and this one noise as the installation and the lubrication condition and can have certain changes.