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How To Maintain The Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing
Jun 13, 2017

How to maintain the Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing
In the large construction machinery double row ball slewing bearing has a very important role, in order to extend the life of double row ball slewing bearings, we must do a good job on the double row ball slewing bearing maintenance. Especially in the work of the double row ball slewing bearing maintenance is more important, then, double row ball slewing bearing after the work of how to maintain it?

In the double row ball slewing bearing maintenance on most customers have errors, that double row ball slewing bearing oil and the size of the same arm lubrication cycle, smear it every day. In fact this approach is wrong, the lubrication cycle is too short, will make the bearing too much oil, and thus break the dust ring leaked out. There is leakage at the same time there will be impurities into the bearing inside, thus undermining the normal operation of the bearing. General rotary bearing lubrication interval is every 250 hours or so, different operating strength may be appropriate to adjust the lubrication cycle, a week to smear once the most appropriate.

Double row ball slewing bearing in the factory when applied to the No. 2 extreme pressure lithium grease, when activated according to different working conditions, re-filled with new grease, double row ball slewing ring raceway to regularly add grease , The general ball support every 100 hours of operation refueling, roller support every 50 hours refueling once. In special circumstances, such as tropical, humidity, dust, temperature difference, continuous work, to shorten the lubrication cycle, the machine must stop filling long before and after the operation of the new grease, each lubrication must be within the raceway Full grease, until the seepage from the seal at the end, note the grease, it is necessary to slowly turn the double row ball slewing bearings, so that the grease filled evenly, tooth surface to be regularly cleared debris, according to their own situation Choose to add grease, the first time in the transport of 100 hours, to check the bolts of the preload, after every 500 hours of rotation must be checked to ensure that there is sufficient preload, to prohibit the use of water only washed double row ball slewing bearings to Waterproof into the raceway, to avoid hard objects into the tooth meshing area, regularly check the sealing integrity, found off should be timely reset.
In order to industrial parts of an important part, but the industry is currently facing the biggest problem is not improved, only continue to research and development, improve product design and structure, in order to be able to bring the whole industry a better development and driving force. For example, in the production process of parts, the accuracy of the problem is still very worthy of everyone to pay attention to the current part of the accuracy is about minus 0.5mm, but we should also pursue more accurate, more in place, for example, zero Two millimeters, only have enough of the target, the product will be able to get new development.

For example, in the double row of ball slewing bearing material to build the above, is also a big problem, the current use of more than a decade ago is the use of alloy steel, did not improve, it is also need to pay attention to it, it should be designed for it More suitable, more easy to use new materials. The last is the use of parts in the structure, and now such support is generally composed of four components, we seem to have no more care about the support is not with three parts or even a part can be completed, in this regard But also need to put enough manpower and resources.