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How To Improve The Life And Feasibility Of Slewing Bearing
Jun 28, 2017

How to improve the life and feasibility of Slewing Bearing
According to the use of parts and conditions of use and environmental conditions to select the size, accuracy, with the appropriate rotary bearing is to ensure that the slewing ring, turntable rotary bearing life and the premise of the feasibility.
1, the use of parts: tapered roller slewing bearing for radial load to the radial and axial joint load, usually with two sets of Slewing Bearing with the use, mainly in the car before and after the hub, the active bevel gear, Differential, reducer and other transmission parts.
2, to allow the speed: in the installation of correct, good lubrication environment, allowing the rotary bearing limit speed of 0.3-0.5 times. Under normal circumstances, to 0.2 times the limit speed is the most appropriate.
3, to allow the tilt angle: tapered roller slewing bearings generally do not allow the shaft relative to the shell hole tilt, if tilted, the maximum no more than 2 '.
4, to allow the temperature: to withstand the normal load, and the lubricant has high temperature performance, and lubrication of the full conditions, the general rotary bearing allows the temperature of -30 ℃ -150 ℃ ambient work.
    The need to check the state of the machine running on the slew bearing is the focus of attention and it is becoming increasingly important to prepare a thorough inspection program. As it is the most important state of all rotating mechanical parts to prevent rotation of the slewing ring, the slewing ring slewing bearing is damaged to prevent unplanned maintenance of equipment during shutdown due to damage to the early damage caused by an important part of the home The
    But not all machines are equipped with this advanced equipment. In this case, the machine operator or maintenance engineer must adhere to the rotary bearing fault signal alarm.
The smooth and crisp sound of the cause, sharp creak noise may be due to improper lubrication of the slewing bearing caused by insufficient lubrication can also cause metal sound. The dents on the outer ring of the rotary bearing cause vibration. As for the equipment caused by the percussion of the scars will produce noise, this noise rotates the bearing at different speed levels. If there is intermittent noise, then the rolling part may be damaged, this sound appears when the surface is damaged when the launch date, if the rotary bearing hissing "sound pollution often causes serious damage to the slewing bearing and causes irregular The great noise.
But usually at this time to replace a rotary bearing is not necessary. Therefore, the slewing ring, turntable rotary bearing damage, of course, can also be heard by listening. Such as the use of better methods, such as electronic health monitoring equipment, Slewing Bearing before the operation of the eruption. Electronic health monitoring equipment, Slewing Bearing before the operation of the eruption.