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How To Guarantee The Stability Of Slewing Bearing?
Jul 06, 2017

How to guarantee the stability of Slewing Bearing?

Slewing Bearing is a kind of Slewing Bearing, which is commonly used in some large engineering machines, such as crane. However, as an important part of mechanical function, the load weight of the bearing is also very large, and the bearing has a good stability, so that its engineering efficiency will not be discounted. So how do you guarantee the stability of the swing bearing?

Slewing Bearing

Stability of Slewing Bearing key points:

1, mechanical operation to professional: want Slewing Bearing can be a good job, so it is necessary to professional mechanical, some mechanical parts or bad workmanship, is causes Slewing Bearing does not work, also cannot ensure its stability. Especially if the parts of the solid rotating bearing are not professional enough, and not good enough, what about the stability of the rotating bearing?

2. Stable installation. Since they are the main components of all kinds of machines, there must be an installation. Therefore, when installing the bearing, it is important to ensure that it is stable in any kind of machinery, to ensure that there are no errors, deviations, or anomalies.

3: professional operation, to ensure the good running of Slewing Bearing, the operation of the professional staff is very necessary, no professional operation, the machine run time is easy to appear abnormal or fault, such bearing would also be affected, even appear unstable operation, so the professional basic operation to ensure the engineering quality.

The above content is can ensure plate bearing operation stability, summary is mechanical work is good, under the condition of installation and operation personnel professional fine, can achieve Slewing Bearing movement stability.

Any equipment in daily use is inseparable from reasonable maintenance, and also for Slewing Bearing. Slewing Bearing as a source of some important driver of mechanical equipment, can be regarded as a consumption equipment, therefore, in daily use, in order to ensure the normal use, be sure to always pay attention to the Slewing Bearing lubrication and maintenance.

1. When the turning bearing has a different ring, it should be solved in time. If we hear the abnormal sound when we use the Slewing Bearing in our daily life, the user will have to check it and find out the reason. In general, Slewing Bearing appeared sound, often are not caused by lubricant on Slewing Bearing, thus make the friction between the mechanical parts, resulting in the abnormal noise, therefore, in this case, will be timely to daub lubricant, if after coating lubricant and sound, it's probably an Slewing Bearing raceway appear problem, need to do further inspection and analysis.

2. The sealing ring of Slewing Bearing is an indispensable part. After sealing ring is mainly to prevent fill lubricating oil leaked out, and at the same time also can effectively prevent the dust into the machinery and equipment, Slewing Bearing in the process of reloading the low speed for a long time, the sealing ring is also having the effect that reduce friction, so the sealing ring is a big help for Slewing Bearing, is indispensable.

3, if appears in be used daily Slewing Bearing the screw or bolt looseness, must tighten, promptly in case of Slewing Bearing obstacle problems in the work, and to every three to four months of Slewing Bearing lubricant filling, so as to guarantee the Slewing Bearing run more smoothly.