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How To Choose A Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing Size
Jun 21, 2017

How to choose a Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing size
The diameter of the raceway center of the Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing (circle diameter of the rolling element) D0 and the rolling element diameter d0 are the main parameters of the basic parameters of the single ball slewing bearing. When the type is selected, how to choose D0-d0 correctly?

Can be converted into the equivalent capacity of static capacity, and then multiplied by a reasonable safety factor and Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing rated static capacity contrast to choose D0-d0, but China's Single Row Ball Slewing Bearings both existing two standard requirements Hundreds of specifications, but also their own design or introduction of technology and imported host brought the specifications, especially the single volleyball specifications similar to how many can be scientific and reasonable choice D0-d0 it?

We have four kinds of structural types of nearly a thousand varieties of dynamic and static capacity of the computer with a detailed calculation, combined with the host unemployed on the life test of the relevant provisions, the following conclusions: any type of Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing its D0 / D0 ratio has a reasonable range of values, the size of the value is based on the rated dynamic and static load capacity matching conditions calculated.

The results are: single volleyball D0 / d0 = 30 ~ 35, cross roller D0 / d0 = 50 ~ 60, double volleyball D0 / d0 = 35 ~ 40, three rows of columns D0 / d0 = 80 ~ 100. Greater than the above values in the rated static capacity under the lack of life, and vice versa over life, the former caused by single ball slewing bearing premature failure, which caused waste. For example, the single volleyball 1400 * 32 (D0 / d0 = 43.75) for 25t car crane, although its rated static capacity to meet the use of operating conditions, the service life of only 4500 cycles. China last year there have been such an example, although overloading 25%, static capacity test no problem, but when more than 5000 cycles, the raceway produced a peeling, after the use of 1400 * 40 (D0 / d0 = 35) Assessment. We JB2300-84 performance curve in the dynamic and static load curve analysis and comparison, but also draw a similar conclusion.

Of course, in some because of structural constraints and some special requirements of the use of occasions, should be based on specific circumstances to determine D0-d0. For example, excavators, Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing load is the largest working conditions in the excavation process, and the rotation process of Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing load is much smaller than the excavation process. Therefore, as long as the static capacity to determine D0-d0 on the line.