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How Should The Quality Of The Three-Row Roller Slewing Bearing Be Identified?
Aug 29, 2017

How should the quality of the Three-Row Roller Slewing Bearing be identified?
Three-Row Roller Slewing Bearing is a very important part of the machine, basically every machine are ultimately this part, and because this component is relatively fragile, it can be regarded as a kind of supplies, we need to buy frequently Maintain the normal operation of the machine
We can start with the brand in this regard, if the machine itself is a well-known brand of products, then the best is to buy the same brand parts, why, because each brand using the alloy formula is not the same, inside Ingredients have a subtle difference, a brand out of the product, the natural compatibility is the highest.
Second, when we buy Three-Row Roller Slewing Bearing, pay attention to the toughness of this product, because this part is very thin, so many parts are looking good, but in the machine which will not use long before reimbursement , And we first choice when, in fact, you can buy a few brands, in practice which practice.
The third is in the use of, and we usually use this part of the time, it should be noted that the protection of the work of the machine which its operation, you can add some time from time to time to protect the oil, which can effectively promote their use of the period The
Three-Row Roller Slewing Bearing is an important transmission parts, to achieve the relative rotary motion, in the course of the operation need to bear a wide range of forces, with the current wide use of various machinery and equipment, Three-Row Roller Slewing Bearing is the equipment In the indispensable accessories, widely used in various types of construction machinery, medical machinery and equipment, industrial equipment, has been highly recognized. Light Series Turntable Bearings Outer-Toothed Light Series Turntable Bearings Outer-Toothed Gear Lubricants are an indispensable product during tri-row roller slewing bearings, enabling lubrication between multiple parts and reducing Friction, if the equipment in the process of running parts of the wear and tear, it is best to stop the operation of the equipment, do a detailed check, so as to enhance the operation of the entire mechanical equipment. The same time as
In order to enhance the service life of the Three-Row Roller Slewing Bearing in the machinery, it is generally best to pay attention to corrosion from the corrosive products for the product, but also to do the support of the anti-rust measures, the general regular surface cleaning work, Use cleaner cleaning effect better, while maintaining the product surface dry, pay attention to the application of anti-rust oil, if encountered special circumstances you can choose to use rust-proof grease. In fact, Three-Row Roller Slewing Bearing is a very fine product, when not in use is best not to hand touch, to avoid corrosion caused by the support.
In order to industrial parts of an important part, Three-Row Roller Slewing Bearing but the industry is currently facing the biggest problem is not improved, only continue to research and development, improve product design and structure, in order to be able to bring the whole industry a better development and driving force. For example, in the production process of parts, the accuracy of the problem is still very worthy of everyone to pay attention to the current part of the accuracy is about minus 0.5mm, but we should also pursue more accurate, more in place, for example, zero Two millimeters, only have enough of the target, the product will be able to get new development.
Another example is in the Three-Row Roller Slewing Bearing material to build above, is also a big problem, the current use are more than a decade ago, the alloy alloy, did not improve, it is also need to pay attention to it, should go for it Design more appropriate, more easy to use new materials. The last is the use of parts in the structure, and now such support is generally composed of four components, we seem to have no more care about the support is not with three parts or even a part can be completed, in this regard But also need to put enough manpower and resources.