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How Should The Quality Of A Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing Be Identified?
Jul 27, 2017

How should the quality of a Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing be identified?
Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing is a very important part of the machine, basically every machine are ultimately this part, and because this component is more fragile, it can be regarded as a kind of supplies, we need to buy frequently to be able to maintain a good Normal operation of the machine.
We can start with the brand in this regard, if the machine itself is a well-known brand of products, then the best is to buy the same brand parts, why, because each brand using the alloy formula is not the same, inside Ingredients have a subtle difference, a brand out of the product, the natural compatibility is the highest.
Second, we buy a single row of ball slewing bearings, pay attention to the toughness of this product, because this part is very thin, so many parts are looking good, but in the machine which did not use long before reimbursement, When we first choose, in fact, you can buy a few more brands, in practical practice.
The third is in the use of, and we usually use this part of the time, it should be noted that the protection of the work of the machine which its operation, you can add some time from time to time to protect the oil, which can effectively promote their use of the period The
Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing bearing structure and sealing type, turntable bearings, Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing manufacturer - Xuzhou Hailin single ball slewing bearing Co., Ltd.
Single Row Ball Slewing Bearings are mainly composed of upper ring, lower ring and a full complement ball, Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing The whole design is used for low speed, light load when the rotating solution. These two single row and double row designs, as well as the ease of pre-drilling the mounting holes.
Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing bearings in real life, the poor weight of the cold material can be controlled at 1%, the collapse depth of 0.5mm, the end of the slope is less than 2 ° 30, the difference between the weight of the hot material within 2% End face inclination less than 3 °. Constraint shear mode, that is, in a radial tightening way to bar material warping, axial movement and incision are limited. Some of this way only in the fixed side of the knife to tighten, and some in the fixed knife and the end of the knife are to be tightened, the way to tighten the cylinder, there are institutions linked.
Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing is a representative of the rolling bearing, wide use, for high speed or even very high speed operation, very durable. This type of bearing friction is small, the limit speed is high, the structure is simple, the cost is low, easy to achieve high manufacturing precision.
Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing bearings also have a certain degree of self-aligning ability, relative to the shell hole tilted 10 degrees, still work, but have a certain impact on bearing life. Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing bearing cage for the steel plate stamping wave type cage, large bearings and more use of metal metal body cage. Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing bearing seal on the one hand is to prevent the filling of grease leakage, on the other hand is to prevent the outside of the dust, impurities and moisture intrusion into the bearing and affect the normal work
As a single row of ball bearings are mostly in the heavy load low-speed work, so the seal of the seal type with rubber seal and labyrinth seal two structures. The rubber seal seal itself has a simple structure. The use of space is small, reliable sealing and other advantages and has been widely used, but its shortcomings is in the high temperature state of the rubber seal lip easy to early aging and loss of sealing, so working conditions in high temperature conditions of Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing Bearings should adopt a labyrinth seal.