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Common Noise Of Slewing Bearing And Treatment Methods
Aug 17, 2017

Common noise of Slewing Bearing and treatment methods
      Slewing Bearing use a long time will inevitably appear some noise below to take a look at the common noise of this part and how to deal with.
      If the rotation bearing dust and other small foreign body will produce aperiodic vibration, that is, experts often say that the mouth of the dust sound, the noise of this situation and the resulting vibration of different sizes, sometimes no; this noise The correct control method is to talk about the internal rotation of the bearing a lot of cleaning, including the bearing short and other related parts must be strictly cleaned, the lubricant should be clear in the foreign body, to avoid the use of impure materials caused by noise.
      If the surface of the device cracks or damage, corrosion can be riveting rivets like vibration and noise, this noise and mechanical rotation have a certain contact, if not repaired, then the cracks will be a lot of Appear in the channel, for this noise: when installing the slewing bearing should pay attention not to knock on the bearings, the bearings assembled together after loading into the bearing and to prevent the device installed oblique, if it is inventory, then to remember To prevent the bearing rust, the transport to prevent the impact of each other to produce vibration, and the use of adhesive lubrication factors in some cases can cause noise; this situation is mostly the choice of lubricant is not integrated lake, lubricant is not enough Aging or induration phenomenon, for this situation, we only need to select the appropriate lubricant and use the right amount of lubricant can be. A higher degree of grease.
Slewing Bearing is an important transmission parts, to achieve the relative rotary motion, in the course of the operation need to bear a wide range of forces, with the current wide use of various machinery and equipment, Slewing Bearing are indispensable equipment, accessories Used in various types of construction machinery, medical machinery and equipment, industrial equipment, has been highly recognized.
Generally, lubricating oil is an indispensable product during the operation of Slewing Bearing. It can achieve the lubrication effect between multiple parts and reduce the friction between objects. If the parts are worn during the operation of the equipment, it is better to stop Equipment operation, do a detailed check, this can enhance the operation of the entire mechanical equipment.
In order to enhance the life of the Slewing Bearing in the machine, it is generally best to pay attention to corrosion from the corrosive products for the product, but also to do the support of the anti-rust measures, the general regular surface cleaning work, the use of cleaner cleaning The effect is better, while maintaining the surface of the product dry, pay attention to the application of anti-rust oil, if encountered special circumstances you can choose to use rust-proof grease.
In fact, slewing bearings are very fine products, when not in use is best not to hand touch, to avoid corrosion caused by the support.
Slewing Bearing is not unfamiliar to everyone, it is an indispensable part of engineering machinery, there is a certain support and guidance. However, at present many consumers in the reaction of rotating bearings will appear rotating is not flexible. Faced with this problem, how should we deal with it?
   Slewing Bearing rotation is not flexible two common aspects:
   1. Newly purchased products are not flexible. Please check the Slewing Bearing production date, if the time is longer, such as more than six months time, the climate is colder, it is possible to run the grease inside the raceway caused by a large sticky. Cold areas, more prominent in winter. Exclusion method: after the force if the operation and no other abnormalities can be used normally; if accompanied by abnormal sound, check the transport process with or without serious trauma, and information feedback my company after-sales service department.
   2. After installation is not flexible operation. May be installed for the host and the slewing bearing mounting surface with the poor, resulting in the installation of the axial clearance of the Slewing Bearing can not compensate for the deformation of the Slewing Bearing, slewing bearings in a negative gap state, rolling in the roller running difficult sometimes accompanied by abnormal sound , Or the size of the gear meshing bad, or the size of the gear inside the card with foreign matter.