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Our History

Universal Industrial Products, Inc. (UIPI) is a slewing bearing (slewing rings) manufacturer specializing in large diameter solutions in California. For over a decade, we have helped our local customers with bearing design and supply solutions that have allowed them to reduce costs and improve profitability. In order to maintain our competitive edge, UIPI ran a sole proprietorship factory in China.


Our Factory
We have outstanding capability of large diameter slewing ring bearings for tunneling equipment, harbor and shipyard cranes, construction equipment, mobile cranes, offshore technology, tower cranes, turning machines, solar energy plants, ship deck cranes, railway cranes, man lifts, wind turbines, and more. Our ability to optimize the bearing design for your specific needs is unparalleled and we will deliver a solution at a fraction of traditional lead times.
Our ability to optimize the bearing design for your specific needs is unparalleled and we will deliver a solution at a fraction of traditional lead times. Our design engineers are available to visit with you onsite and review your application requirements in detail. We will assist you throughout the design, manufacturing and implementation process. We will not only manufacture your solution, but we will also stock your inventory in our warehouse and deliver it to you on a JIT basis. Our goal is to use our resources to extend your company's capabilities and provide a comprehensive solutions package for all your application needs.

Our Products
Our main products includes the following:
1, Slewing Ring Bearings
2, Slew Drives
3, Pinions
4, Gearbox

Product Application
Slewing Bearing Application
• Small Cranes • Cranes and Manipulators • Pitch Bearing for Windpower
• Industrial Positioners • Aerial Lifts • Yaw Bearing for Windpower
• Rotation Tables • High-capacity Lifting Equipment • Segement Erector for TBM
• Rotating Displays • Truck Mounted Boom Cranes • Construction Machinery
• Bottling Machines • Position/Index Tables • Material Handling Machine
• Conveyors • Radar & Satellite Antennas • Wastewater Treatment
• Mobile Crane Truck • Robots • Grapples
• Solar Trackers • Medical Equipment • Scrap Handling Machines
• Solar Power System • Excavators • Mining Machines
• Sewer Cleaners • Digger Derricks • Bucket Trucks
• Forestry Equipment • Log Loaders & Fellers • Man Lifts
• Crawer Crane • Knuckle boom Loaders • Railroad Machines

Our Certificate
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001 Certified guidelines and our stringent quality control system.

Production Equipment
CNC Horizontal Lathe
CNC Vertical Lathe
CNC Induction Hardening Machine
CNC Drilling Machine
CNC Gear Cutting Machine

Production Market
95% of our customers in North America;
3% of our customers in Europe.
We are looking for a sales presentative in Europe.

Our service
30 days for prototype
45 days for lots production
Customize according to requirement
Stock in California, Just-in-time Service in North America.
ISO Qualified Manufacturer
API Qualified Manufacturer